Old Navy Haul

Hello everyone!

I went to my favorite clothing store, Old Navy, this week and I found some really great deals (like always, lol)! I love Old Navy so much because it’s so affordable and they have a great variety of the basics. I also really love how their clothes fit me. I’m super picky when it comes to clothes because I am on the bigger side and I don’t like how I look in most clothes. Old Navy offers a lot of stretchy pants, larger sizes, and flowy shirts. I’m not a very “stylish” person, so this is a very different topic for me to write about, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyways.

When I go shopping for clothes I’m always looking for three things:

  1. Comfort: I always like to be comfortable in the clothes I’m wearing. I never want to be wearing things that are too tight or stiff. My jeans need a little stretch and my shirts need to be a little loose fitting!
  2. Flattering: Since I am on the bigger size, I need to be aware of how things look on me. I don’t want to be wearing tight tops that show every lump and every roll because I’m sure that if I don’t want to be showing it, that people don’t want to see it either! My go to outfit is a pair of stretchy jeans or leggings and a flowy or loose fitting top.
  3. Affordable: I have never been the type of person to spend a lot of money on clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I love designer brands and a good quality items! I just love to hit up the sales, clearance racks, and discount stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

When I go shopping, I try to have a few of ideas of what I want so that I’m not just buying everything in sight. I also have this really bad habit of buying things that all look like pieces that I already own, so a bit of planning is very helpful! This trip I had my upcoming Las Vegas trip and spring time in mind.

Relaxed Peplum Tanks


 I absolutely love these Relaxed Peplum Tanks! They are fitted in all the right places and flowy in the belly area. I will even pair these with a cardigan when it gets colder in fall or winter. They come in an assortment of colors but of course I mostly stuck with basic colors. The turquoise color is a little brighter and different than the colors I usually wear in tops, but I think it is a nice change for the spring and color time!

I especially love the navy blue one because it has a lace hem at the bottom of the tank.

IMG_3264These Peplum Tops retail for $16.94 but they were on sale for $7 each. What a steal!

Relaxed Crew-Neck Tee

IMG_3273This is just your basic black tee. I have a lot of basic black tees but they are all V-necks so this is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I like the higher neck line because large necklaces look really cute laying on top of the shirt. This shirt was only $5.

Soft Linen-Blend Shorts

I love a good pair of shorts with a stretchy band and pockets! For some reasons I struggle to find shorts with both of those things. I feel like shorts like these are usually a little bit over priced but these were also on sale for only $15. Of course I got these in black. Black is my go to color in almost everything lol.

Workout Pants

I found these cropped workout pants on the clearance rack for only $5.94 and they are so comfortable! I wish it was acceptable to wear workout clothes 24/7. These will be perfect to wear on the drive to Las Vegas!

I got these beauties on the clearance rack and they rang up cheaper at the register. Don’t you just love when that happens?! They were only $3.13!! Say wahhhhh??!!!! I’ve been wanting some pants like these so bad. I wanted to turn around and buy like five pairs but I decided that wasn’t necessary.

Do you now understand why I love Old Navy so much? Haha! I hope you enjoyed this different type of post! Feel free to share your great deals and clothing finds in the comments. I’d love to see them! Thank you so much for reading!

Love, Lisa 🙂

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